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Television vs. Movie Product Placements

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

The first question we ask new clients is if they prefer product placement in movies or television shows. Their first answer is always “both.” Now “both” could be the right answer, or it could be the uninformed answer. Maybe the client has the resources to place products everywhere, or maybe they don’t realize there are distinct advantages to placing products in films vs. placing products in television shows.

As a generalization, movies feature bigger budgets and the most well-known stars. Movies release globally (loosely meaning the Americas, Europe, Asia, and portions of the Middle East) and movie releases draw more press attention and build more excitement than television premieres. This exposure better facilitates global partnership promotions. But making movies is a slow process; it can take a year or more for a movie to go from production to theaters, so brands have to be prepared to place products and not have them seen for a year or more.

On the other hand Television shows are quick, often airing within weeks of production start. So television is the ideal medium for fashion brands or brands that want immediate exposure. Unlike movies, television shows rarely cross borders. But not all brands operate globally; some sell to only one country or territory. Television offers these brands targeted access to individual markets.

So whether it’s television, film, or a combination of the two, there are product placement opportunities for every brand. Consider yourself informed.

Two Big Product Placement No-Nos

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

We do not get any joy from pointing out other’s mistakes. But this article from conveniently highlights two of our big no-nos when it comes to product placement.

1. Never pay a Product Placement fee.
2. If you don’t follow number 1, and insist on paying a Product Placement fee, at least make sure you are paying to be in a film that will be seen by audiences.

The sad truth is not all independent films will find distribution, and there is no point placing your products in a film no one is ever going to see. At the same time, independent films are telling some of the freshest, most compelling stories, and independent producers can go the extra mile to make a Product Placement worthwhile to a brand. That’s why, at Particle, we help our clients understand the unique opportunity, and unique set of complications, associated with each potential placement.

How To Save $100,000+ On Product Placements

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Easy…Never pay a placement fee. Instead, redirect a portion of your advertising budget to cross-promote the film or television show in which your brand appears. Placement fees benefit studios but have no direct impact on your customers. Promotion commitments, on the other hand, are all about customer outreach. And the right Promotion will wield just as much, if not more weight at a studio as a placement fee. That is why at Particle we steer our clients away from placement fees toward promotional commitments. To date, Particle clients have never paid a placement or promotion fee to any studio.

(The Importance of) Responsible Product Placements

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Product Placement has gotten a bad rap, and sometimes rightfully so. Because too often audiences are assaulted with placements that make no sense and distract them from the story they are trying to enjoy. A great placement highlights a product in a positive, logical, and influential way. An offensive placement enrages audience members and inspires them never to buy a product again. At Particle, we believe in responsible Product Placements, not only because they are good for audiences, but also because they are good business for our clients.