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5 Myths About Product Placement:

Product placement is an inexpensive and effective marketing strategy.  So why do many brands not leverage the power of product placement?  Let’s examine 5 Myths of Product Placement:

1.    Placement is expensive. Not true!  Commercials are expensive.  Billboards are expensive.  Product placement is not, even though placements reach millions of eyeballs at a time.

2.    Cash always changes hands for placements. Brands seldom pay producers for their products to be highlighted in films or TV shows.  Most brands engage a product placement agency to do all the homework—read scripts, pitch product, manage the logistics of shipping product, etc.  If a prop master knows your brand, likes your brand, and trusts that you will deliver your products on time, he/she will likely want to use your brand.  Period.

3.    You can guarantee placement. You can try.  But at the end of the day, there are no guarantees. Some product placement opportunities will turn out great: Some will wind up on the cutting room floor.  It’s like PR.  You can pitch your story, but there is no guarantee the editor will include it.

4.    The work ends when you send product to the set. The work has just begun! You or your representative need to follow up with the studio executives and prop masters to be sure they received your product. Are they happy with it?  Do they need more?  When will they provide proof of placement photos?  Have they returned the products?  Product placement agencies handle all these nitty-gritty details and logistics for the brand.

5.    The work ends when the production wraps. There is still more work to do.  So you placed your product in a big film.  Great!  Now you have to get the message out to your customers.  A product placement agency will help you convert placements into sales by negotiating official promotional partnerships, or through unofficial guerilla tactics and social networks.

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