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Product Placement for Niche Brands

Brands come in all shapes and sizes.  And while some are global, mass-market players (think Coca Cola) a greater number are niche brands who cater to a very specific, and sometimes highly localized, customer.  A telescope maker, a yoga clothing company, or (one of our clients) a maker of military and law enforcement equipment, are all examples of niche brands.
Product placement is just as effective for niche brands.  In fact, measured by percentage of sales, it can have an even great impact for niche brands.  Plus niche brands have well defined, loyal, and often passionate customers: exactly the kind of viewers the studios want to reach through promotions.
The only difference between a mass marketer and a niche brand is the number of appropriate product placements available to each.  While Coca Cola could be placed in a great number of films and television shows every year, there will only be a few projects that, for example, feature a telescope, or showcase hip yoga clothes, or require military equipment.  To take advantage of these few, great opportunities, a product placement agency is an absolute must for a niche brand.  Through creative negotiations, the brand can work out an affordable deal so the agency can do the work for them, and spot opportunities the niche brand would have missed on their own.