PRODUCT PLACEMENT.  The intentional exposure of a brand within a major film or television show; an inexpensive marketing strategy with the potential for huge payoffs.

PROMOTION.  A commitment to cross promote a brand and the film or television show in which the brand appears.  Brands benefit from greater control over exposure and high profile associations.

LICENSING.  A brand’s negotiated use of intellectual property such as a film, television show, or character.

CELEBRITY RELATIONS.  The direct interactions between celebrities and products, such as through gifting or endorsement.

VIRAL MARKETING.  Using social networks to increase brand awareness.  Viral marketing can take any form from conventional advertising to revolutionary campaigns.

NEW CREATIVE SOLUTIONS.  The undiscovered future of marketing.

Our services help our clients:

  • Expand brand awareness
  • Create indirect celebrity endorsement
  • Break through media clutter
  • Improve retailer relations
  • Increase sell through to customers
  • Push individual product lines
  • Boost employee and investor morale