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The Importance Of A Fast “No”

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Filmmaking is a high stakes, high speed endeavor.  On a major motion picture, each day of principle photography burns through $1 Million or more – cash.  When producers reach out to brands for product placement in their films, they are hoping the brands will reply with a quick “yes”. But, short of that, the producers are hoping for an equally speedy “No” so they have time to move on to their next option.  In the end, everything has to be ready when the director calls “Action.”
Popular brands receive tons of product placement requests.  It’s impossible to say yes to everyone.  So when a brand has to say no, we encourage them to say no quickly.  If a brand gives the production a fast and definitive “no” the producers have time to react.  But if brands hem and haw and then, at the 11th hour, finally say no, they have set the producers up for failure.  And producers never forgive something like that.