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Product Placement: What’s in it for the Studio?

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Most everyone understands the benefits of product placement to the brand, but what’s in it for the studio?
Despite popular belief, Studios don’t always get fistfuls of money for each close up. So why do they agree to a product placement that doesn’t come with a big cash fee?
Because they get a lot more.  First, Studios get free products.  This can equal serious savings: When you’re talking ten free $60,000 cars, or fifteen free $5,000 watches, the benefits of product placement add up.  Second, Studios receive clearance from the brand to use their product in the production.  Nothing can appear in a film or TV show without first being cleared – the actors, the artwork in the background, even the props and wardrobe.  Getting those clearances is a real pain in the butt, and working with a brand that will sign a document granting the right to use their product saves Studios a lot of trouble.  Finally, product placement ads realism to films and TV shows.  Do you remember the film ANY GIVEN SUNDAY?  Al Pacino coached the fictitious Miami Sharks in the made-up AFFA football league.  It sounded fake, and it detracted from the film.  All because the NFL wouldn’t give Oliver Stone clearance to use their brands.