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What Is A Prop Master?

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

For brands who want to place their products in movies and television shows the Prop Master (officially: Property Master) is the the key to their fortunes.  But most folks outside of Hollywood wouldn’t know a Prop Master from a Set Decorator or Greensman.  Simply put, the Prop Master is responsible for the props, and props are the objects that actors hold or interact with in the course of a scene.  Sunglasses and watches are examples of props.  So are guns and drinks, food and chairs.  The general rule is anything an actor touches is a prop, and anything else is a set decoration.  The Prop Master works with the director to find or manufacture props that fit the director’s vision.  It’s a huge responsibility because every director has a unique vision and all it takes is one missing prop to shut down production.  Established Prop Masters own their own kit of reusable props that they rent out to each job.  Their kits can be as small as a van or as big as a full size, 18 wheeler truck.  For the unique props they turn to rental houses, stores, and placement agencies such as Particle.